Twilio WordPress Tools Pro

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Ultimate Twilio WordPress plugin that enables your website to convert web traffic into direct communication over the phone, SMS/MMS, FAX with just simple shortcodes.
You need to have a Twilio account and just in minutes your website will transform into a lead magnet for your visitors.


Why Having Twilio WordPress Tools?

Studies have shown that 88% of website visitors are more likely to contact your company if you provide a click-to-call button. And if they’ve taken the initiative to talk to you, chances are greatly increased they’ll buy from you too. In 2017, Forrester Research, predicted consumers would spend more than $1.12 trillion through click-to-call mechanisms within the year. That is why you need this Twilio WordPress Plugin.

Using a single input form on your WordPress page, your visitors will be able to input a phone number and receive a phone calls, SMS/MMS connecting to any destination phone number you like – the sales for that territory, your customer support call center, or an after-hours voicemail, the possibilities are endless!

Major Features:

  • Click-to-Call feature – Direct contact with your website visitors
  • SMS/MMS functionality – Capture visitors’ phone numbers and send marketing/contact info
  • vCards sent to visitors – Send visitors your contact information in a phone-ready format
  • Fax outbound feature – Use it internally as a virtual fax machine to send documents
  • Custom Voice Message – Write your own welcome message when placing click-to-call actions
  • Custom Countries Flags – Select the countries you want to be visible in the input field
  • WPMU/Translations – Ability to translate the plugin strings in different languages
  • 6 months Free Support – Include installation and technical support

How it Works?

  • Your website visitors submit a simple web form with their phone number.
  • Your Twilio WordPress receives the submission and initiates an HTTP request to Twilio asking to initiate an outbound call.
  • Twilio receives the request and initiates a call to the user’s phone number.
  • The user picks up the call.
  • After the call connects, we use TwiML to connect the user to our sales or support teams.
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1 review for Twilio WordPress Tools Pro

  1. Stephen Alvarez (verified owner)

    So easy to set up and use! This is a perfect solution that requires almost no work: Just install it, add your Twilio credentials, enter your phone number, and it works. I use it for sending SMS to my clients, thank you for your support!

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