With SMS/MMS option from Twilio WordPress Tools you can pre-define text messages or multimedia messages that your visitors will receive once filling in the SMS/MMS field.

A good example of such an implementation is the ‘get-me-all-contacts’ concept, where instead of customer saving your contact information or driving directions you can simply text them all the desired content.
This can also be used in lead magnet pages, paid landing pages, e-commerce product pages and the list go on.

Check out below a demo implementation of the SMS/MMS button that can be easily integrated in almost any version of the WordPress:

Test HERE the Click-to-SMS/MMS Functionality


You should get a text message that look like this:
twilio mms sms sms, mms

This is not rocket science, all you have to do is to place the generated shortcode in the right place of your page:

[twtsms label='Send Me SMS' number='+18032327932']

As you can see in the markup, you can customize your button label name and if needed you can change the Caller ID (which will overwrite the default settings).

You can find out more in the Documentation section.