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Enpower your content, e-commerce, contact pages, marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rates and lead generation for your existing WordPress website

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Voice, SMS/MSM and FAX

Twilio Cloud Communications Made Simple

This plugin enables your website to convert web traffic into direct communication over the phone, SMS/MMS, FAX with just simple shortcodes.

You need to have a Twilio account and just in minutes your website will transform into a lead magnet for your visitors.

What is Twilio?
Twilio is a Cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications on an API built for global scale. Visit their website and get a free account to start going.

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twilio voice

Twilio Click-to-Call

This function is designed to simplify the process of adding online call buttons to the website. Simply register your Twilio credentials and use the shortcode to place it inside you page content.

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twilio sms/mms


Using this functionality you can pre-define SMS or MMS messages that your customers will receive when using the SMS/MMS button. A creative way would be sending them a vCard containing your business contacts.

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twilio fax

Twilio Fax PRO

Having this functionality you can send faxes directly from your WordPress website. Simply place the shortcode inside the content page and you can have your outbound fax ready.

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We encourage you to check the Free Version of the plugin or purchase the Pro versions including all features

Click-to-Call for Twilio


Get access to the Free version of this plugin and updates directly from WordPress repository

  • Click-to-Call feature
  • SMS/MMS functionality
  • vCards sent to visitors
  • Fax outbound feature
  • 6 months Free Support

Twilio WordPress Tools Pro


For agencies and businesses with extensive web presence including all features and unlimited updates

  • Click-to-Call feature
  • SMS/MMS functionality
  • vCards sent to visitors
  • Fax outbound feature
  • 6 months Free Support


Industry experts mention their experience using our plugin and the excellent results they have achieved

valeriu tihai
Valeriu Tihai
WordPress Core Contributor @valeriutihai
Nice execution, clean code and great functionalities! Did not test all the features (just don't need all of them) but the click-to-call shortcode works just great. Keep improving!
Kate Lunge
Seo Consultant | Author & Content Creator
It is convenient to receive calls with the help of this plugin. Instead of using complicated long contact forms you can simply put a button that does all the work for your departments. Just make sure your Twilio endpoint is well configured.

Let visitors interact with you!

Align your website to the latest lead capture and customer interaction with amazing technologies from Twilio, increase your online conversion rates and boost your sales and profits.

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