According to Wikipedia “Click-to-call” is a technology that refers to a means for a web consumer to ask a website operator to call her back.  Simply put, it’s an interactive way to connect your website visitors to your business agent (customer service, support –  you name it) by asking upfront visitor’s contact phone.

As a web development agency, Dasweb was faced many times with the situation when a client would like to get more interaction in a life, real-time manner with their website visitors rather than waiting for emails to come in, this leading to more processing time, frustrations and of course business losses.

Another ‘classical’ scenario is when new clients who ordered websites through our agency were lacking visibility and credibility from the already saturated market. Because we were implementing in many cases Twilio infrastructures for them we felt the need to have of a simple, clean integration with their cloud phone infrastructure.

This is how Twilio WordPress Tools was born.

Check out below a demo implementation of the click-to-call button that can be easily integrated in almost any version of the WordPress:

Test HERE the Click-to-Call functionality:


This is not rocket science, all you have to do is to place the generated shortcode in the right place of your page:

[twtcall label='Click To Call' number='+18032327932']

As you can see in the markup, you can customize your button label name and if needed you can change the Caller ID (which will overwrite the default settings).

You can find out more in the Documentation section.