With the Fax functionality from Twilio WordPress Tools you can set up an outgoing virtual fax machine that can send files to fax enabled numbers.

In order to avoid abuses from the front-end you can protect your Fax sending page by creating a password protected WordPress page, where only your staff or authorized persons can have access.

Again, this functionality is great as a backup Fax machine, or when you need quick access to send files from your mobile phone while being remote from the physical office Fax machine.

Check out below a demo implementation of the Fax button that can be easily integrated in almost any version of the WordPress:

Enter a ‘To:’ fax number:


This is not rocket science, all you have to do is to place the generated shortcode in the right place of your page:

[twtfax label='Send Fax' number='+18032327932']

As you can see in the markup, you can customize your button label name and if needed you can change the Caller ID (which will overwrite the default settings).

You can find out more in the Documentation section.