Please Note: the SMS/MMS option is only available for the Pro version and is not included in the Free version found on WordPress directory.

Adding a SMS/MMS Number

One of the greatest feature of the Twilio WordPress Tools Pro version is the ability to send customers text messages in the form of SMS or MMS . The difference between these 2 is that with MMS you can also send media documents in the form of promotions, directions, specials etc. Also the price for the MMS message is higher than a simple SMS, pls check the Twilio pricing before using it.

One creative way that some of our clients use it is to send a custom vCard that contains all contact details of your business in a phone-friendly format, so that the contact is being saved in their address book.

When you purchase a Twilio number make sure it has activated SMS or MMS or both options, otherwise this functionality will not work:

smsmms 1 sms, mms, sms/mms, twilio

Please note: of you select a number without MMS capabilities you will be UNABLE to send MMS.

SMS/MMS Body Message

This field is for you to set up the body of the text message that your visitors will receive. Ideally you should keep this less than 150 characters otherwise the message they receive will be split. Keep in mind you can use services like to create short versions of your long urls.

bodymessage sms, mms, sms/mms, twilio

MMS url

Here you can paste the url of the media content you want your visitors to receive. This should be an available to public link address, something that can be pasted into a browser and would work.

mmsurl sms, mms, sms/mms, twilio

Please keep the name of the final files without spaces, as Twilio will not be able to process them:
Good example:
Bad example: Example.jpg

Again, this option will not work if your number has not MMS capabilities activated.

Please Note: Twilio supports .gif, .png, or .jpeg content and will format the image on your recipient’s device. The size limit for message media is 5MB. Sending media is currently only available in the US and Canada.