Adding the Voice number

Twilio WordPress Plugin Click-to-Call  option requires a Voice capable number to be purchased and activated on your Twilio account. Make sure when you purchase a local or toll-free number it has this feature active like in this picture:

buy numbers click-to-call, twilio

After you have your number purchased (or ported from another provider) you just have to add it to your plugin Click-to-Call settings:

ctc settings click-to-call, twilio

Your selected number should always be written with the ‘+’ prefix and should contain no dashes, spaces etc. This will be also the number that displays to customers when they get the call from the plugin.


Adding the welcome message

You can also add a custom welcome message or a warning message that will be played immediately when the customer answers the incoming call. You can be very creative by adding a short promotion message or the reason why he got this call (in case of accidental dials).

If left blank no messages will be played when the visor picks up the phone.

voice settings click-to-call, twilio

Twilio Voice endpoints

Remember that the Click-to-Call functionality only connects the 2 parties (your visitor and your endpoint number), it does not take care of your endpoint agent, IVR or forwarding etc. You can find very useful tips and scenarios on the official documentation page but you can also contact us for a custom implementation, as we offer Twilio integration services.